Bamboo Queue Priority Plugin

Prioritize your Build Queue


Bamboo automatically assigns a plan’s jobs to the build queue when the plan is triggered and no agents are available to run them. The build queue is displayed on the Current Activity tab of the Dashboard.

If you want to prioritize one job build over another in the build queue, you can manually reorder these jobs in the build queue. This will not force a job build to run immediately, but will promote it in the build queue. Your job build will still require an agent (which has the capabilities to meet the job’s requirements) to become available. Similarly, you can demote a job build in the build queue if you do not need it to run urgently.




Bamboo Queue Priority Features

Define Build Plan Priority

Create an admin field that allows branches / branch patterns to be specified.


New Plan Order

When these specified branch plans are triggered they go straight to the front of the build queue.

Use Regex Patterns

It is part of Java Language Specification and javac forces that behavior. But it is relevant only for regexes written as string literals in Java code.


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