Program Boards for JIRA

Program Boards for JIRA helps companies with release planning, dependency management and real-time prioritization of work.



Design Program Boards for Project, Teams or Custom Filters and specify dependency relationships, velocity, and capacity for each. Reallocate and reprioritize work at a glance, in real time. Program Boards are a great way to pull information from multiple JIRA projects, multiple teams or multiple filters, in order to visualize your JIRA data in a Rapid Board view.In Program Boards for JIRA you can create a board to visualize your product backlog items such as bugs, stories, epics, tasks, sub-tasks and custom issue types.

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Program Board Features

Design your own multi project team boards, and program (release) views.

Real-Time Prioritization allows you to reallocate work across teams and across JIRA projects in order to keep your release plan on track.

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Edit boards to ensure so that you stay on track with your release plan.

Reallocate and re-prioritize and specify dependency relationships among work, at a glance, in real time.

Customize Views and Settings with ease

Constrain velocity of teams, filters, and projects to ensure work is allotted correctly and customize your board view by toggling on and off screen options to view links, velocity and epic layouts.

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